Take this as an interesting example of how as a brain injury charity you could make use of a very special way of funding. Headway recently proved that in order to get something out of a lottery it is not merely about being lucky. The Big Lottery Fund awarded the charity grants of several thousand pounds for its range of help and support of people with brain injury. The application process for this is easy and definitely worthwhile, considering how this funding option can have a significant impact on people’s lives and the communities.

To recognise and boost the effort by Headway Ballymena to support people who have brain injuries, the Award for All Programs has granted Headway £6,600. The amount will cater for a respite break to England for the members and their carers, which will give them a chance to go for a holiday. Stephen is one of the people living with brain injury and now lives an independent life. He cycles and is a member of Ballymena Cycling club and volunteer at Headway. The charity organisation brings a sense of belonging to the community to people living with brain injury. It also enhances their social life whereby they can make friends.

Hopefully, within the next few years we are going to see some more of this kind of sponsorship happening.

Courtesy of Northern Ireland News.



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Having a brain injury can be a very disastrous and sorrowful experience, but one has to realise that with proper care and counselling, there is life after brain injury. Take Justin Miles, for example, he’s an adventurous man proving that life goes on after ABI.

Justin had a severe brain injury in 1999, but he came to the realisation that there is life after brain injury, and now he does various activities to encourage other sufferers of brain injury that life does not have to come to a standstill because of the incident.

In his words, he says “I haven’t let what happened to me beat me and I want other people who have suffered or who are suffering from brain injuries to never just accept them. You need to make happen what you want to happen – it’s tough, but improvements can be made and there is always hope.”

Justin had the care and counselling which aided his recovery. This is the kind of care, love and counselling also offered by BRAINBOX. We provide all the support one needs to aid recovery process. And just like Justin said, we help people realise that despite the fact that they might have a brain injury, their future is still as bright as ever. We work with the theme “Bright Youths…Our Passion…Bright Future”.

Your future is still bright despite the incident.

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